Why was the worship time so powerful this last Sunday?
The worship team practice wasn’t any different than usual.
The sound wasn’t set any different than usual (even with the new sound booth).

Do you know what was different??? People were praying! There was a group of people who came for Pre-Service prayer, which usually goes from 4:15 to 5, but they didn’t stop praying at 5 but chose to keep praying until the worship time began, several of them skipping their meal to do so.

Prayer changes things. Revelation 5:8 gives us a picture of our prayers being like incense that rises before God and changes the atmosphere of heaven…but it doesn’t stop there, it impacts the atmosphere here and now too!

Our elders and ministry coordinators have been prayerfully looking at ways for us to further engage in prayer and worship to be filled as a community with God’s presence and overflowing with His presence to the community around us. So, besides having the opportunity to come early to pray on Sundays, we are expanding our prayer and worship opportunities beyond the once a month Outpouring to EVERY Friday.
Beginning in November, each Friday one of our Elders and the worship team that will be ministering that following Sunday will be leading in a time of prayer and worship beginning at 7 PM and ending by 9.

  • FIRST at Cross Culture, in the “Fireside Room” where we pray on Sundays.
  • SECOND Friday at University of Northwestern prayer room.
  • THIRD Friday at the Snyders’
  • FOURTH Friday at Ecclesia

I want to invite you to connect with at least one of these 8 opportunities each month as we come together to invite God to pour out His Spirit on us!

You don’t have to wait until November though, THIS Friday there are prayer and worship opportunities at 6 different locations as we join together with the church of the Twin Cities to seek God on behalf of our city. Click HERE to find the one closest to you!