I’m sure you’ve heard lots of messages throughout the day today exhorting you to “Give To The Max!” As I have been hearing this I have been reminded that Jesus challenged His followers to live their WHOLE LIVES to the Max! Jesus challenged the rich young ruler to sell everything he owned, give to the poor and then to follow Him (Mark 10:17-22). Jesus told people that they had to be willing to leave their family and worldly possessions behind to follow Him, but that they would be rewarded in this life AND the next for living that way (Mark 10:23-31). His point wasn’t that material possessions are evil or that we should all live on the street, but that we should all give our entire lives and resources over to Him to be used as HE wants.

There are lots of worthy causes asking you to give to the max today. I want to encourage you to consider investing in what God is doing in and through your local church to advance His Kingdom.  Send me a message if you are looking for ways to use your time and talent in ministry here at Cross Culture. I would love to connect with you and talk about some ways to do that. You can also invest in what God is doing financially by giving in our giving box on Sundays.

I want to encourage you today to be a person who gives to the MAX of everything that you are as you follow Jesus: your time, talents, treasures, etc. This is part of being a “living sacrifice” that Paul referred to in Romans 12:1-2.