I was recently chatting with a friend who shared with me two questions they are considering as they enter into the New Year. These two questions happen to be some of the first questions ever asked in the Bible. The questions come from God as he is seeking out Adam and Eve after they’ve broken the one rule in the garden. God asks, “Where are you?” Adam and Eve had distanced themselves from God after their disobedience and were reluctant to meet with Him. Upon God finding them in the bushes, Adam explains his embarrassment with being unclothed and God asks him, “Who told you that you were naked?” In other words He’s asking where this belief, this thought, this understanding came from.

You may be thinking, OK, I am fully clothed and I am not hiding in bushes, what does this have to do with the New Year? Good question. As we enter into the New Year, let’s take a moment to consider where we are in relation to God. Are we pressing in deeper to know Him more? Do we feel distant? Reluctant? Apathetic? Anticipation? Where are you? And after that, consider the beliefs and thoughts related to that. What are you believing about yourself? Others? God’s plan for your life? His love for you? And think about who told you that. Does it line up with Scripture and encourage you to press into God more? Or does it make you want to step back from Him?

As a church family we are feeling God’s call to step into a deeper faithfulness. Here are a few practical ways that we can press in together:

1. Get into Scripture: Reading the Bible is an important part of growing in relationship with God. One way we, as a church family, are doing this together is by downloading the Faithlife Bible App. Click the above picture. Create an account. Select Cross Culture Community Church for your ministry and find the Connect The Testaments: A 365 Day Devotional on the app to get connected to the Bible Study reading plan we are doing together this year. We were made for relationships and community, join us in this as we grow in wisdom and knowledge together. 

2. Become Tech-Wise: Click the picture for ways you can keep technology in its proper place and prioritize the things that may battle for your time, efforts, and attention.

3. Start Small: Luke 16:10 tells us, “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones…” Too often we want big things to happen in the amount of time it takes to make Ramen in the microwave. Commit to enjoying the process this year and to saying, “Yes.” to the Holy Spirit as He prompts you. The mundane, the ordinary, the small, are great ways to be prepared for the things to come. Do not despise them.

4. Find accountability: We were made for relationships. Isolation is not a fruit of the spirit or a call God has on your life. Reach out. Take the initiative and find one or two people who you can be open and honest with in your walk with God and in the things of life.  We can’t do this kingdom work alone, because it was never designed to be done alone. Get connected, go deeper and be known this year.


Pressing in with you,

Mishawn Gudipati