Sometimes we can think that there are only two options when it comes to how we relate to the world around us. Either we try to Escape what is happening in the world by ignoring it or hiding from it or we fully Embrace it and are just like the world. We know that we should not Embrace all of the cultural values and traditions of the world around us, in fact, we’ve spent considerable time looking at the people of Israel and Judah over the last weeks to illustrate that. Often we can think that the only other alternative is to try to Escape this world and many Christians have taken that approach to be “unstained by the world” which has led to disengaging from people around them.
I want to encourage you to ENGAGE the world around you with something that is Set Apart, something that is different. In this case, it is a life of light, life, and love that is different. As Mishawn talked about last night, we have Good News: Jesus is King and He wants you to KNOW HIM.
Tuesday is Halloween and I want to encourage you not to simply embrace the day like everyone else and not to try to escape it but to find ways to Engage people through it.
One would be to nail 95 Reeses to your door and talk about Martin Luther and the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation that is also celebrated on this October 31st…OR you can simply find ways to bless people as they are out and about on Tuesday. 😀

Here is a helpful list with some great ideas.

Whatever you do, I want to encourage you to find ways to Engage for meaningful relationships, after all, part of being Cross Culture Community Church is being a Relational Community.