May 26, 2022 Jonas Cortes

Test and Identity

Test and Identity

As we’ve been exploring the final chapters in the book of Hebrews we’ve been talking about the great men and women of faith and the impact they had in the kingdom of God. At the same time we’ve learned that none of them were examples of human perfection. They all had low moments in their journey with God. 

Nevertheless, in the testing of their faith they determined that there was nothing better than trusting in God in spite of their circumstances. Many of their tests of faith came in the form of struggles, persecution, social pressure, fear, poverty, and pain, and for others it came in the form of glory, riches, status, fame, authority and temptation. 

Whichever form of test they faced, their trust was rooted in what God had said and not in their earthly condition. 

I want to share with you a song I’ve been listening to on repeat for the last 2 weeks as a reminder of our identity in Christ in spite of the circumstances around us and I hope it blesses you as well. 


I am a temple of Your Spirit 

A born again believer, by the grace of Jesus 

And I am an ambassador of Heaven 

A lover of Your presence, prophesying freedom 

And it's all for Your glory