March 23, 2022 Jonas Cortes

In memory of Bro. Stacy and a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

In memory of Bro. Stacy and a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

Stacy & Connie Cline

I heard of Brother Stacy Cline while in Mexico, 3 years before I even met him. My sister shared with me some nuggets of wisdom taken right out of her Marriage and the Family Class at Elim Bible Institute; a class Bro. Stacy taught for 47 years. I firmly believe the advice she shared with me back then, changed the course of my life and eventually that led me to meet my wife Bet.

In 2010 I finally found myself walking into his class and meeting him for the first time. He saw me and to my surprise he greeted me by name, “Jonas, it is good to see you. We’ve been praying for your arrival. Welcome to class!” Later I learned he would get a list with photos of all his students and would make it a point to learn their names and pray for them before meeting them.

In April of 2021, our family was getting ready to move from NY to MN. In the midst of all the business of moving, the Lord put two of my Elim professors on my heart. I clearly felt I was to reach out to them and setup a time to film an interview with them. I had no plan, just a sense of urgency about their spiritual legacy.

I managed to interview one of them and we ended up having a meaningful 4 hour conversation and a wonderful time eating supper together with Bet and the kids, but when I reached out to Bro. Stacy, the schedules just didn’t lined up. I remember our phone conversation during my last days in NY and hearing him say “hey, next time you are in the area we’ll do that”.

Stacy Cline entered into glory on Friday, March 4th, 2022 reuniting with his beloved Queen, as he would refer to his wife, Connie.

During the Memorial service last weekend I was saddened and internally kicking myself for not “making it happen” while fully aware there was nothing else I could’ve done then. After hearing the testimonies of the impact he had in so many people I finally released it and let out a “well, the Lord knows”.

A few days after the service I received a text in a group chat I’m a part of with some video creatives from NY. It was from Mike, one of the videographers sharing an encouraging message with us:

“For the first time in a long time I’m remembering just how powerful of a thing it is that we do (filming) Been working on a project for Elim Bible Institute. We filmed a bunch of interviews but one in particular of a staff member with Stage 4 cancer that had worked for the college 47 years. It ended up being his last interview ever…The man lived through a lot! So grateful for having met him”.

I could not believe it! God is so faithful! As I shared with Mike what I had been feeling he said:

“I think that not all lost opportunities are completely lost. I ended up getting a great interview with him and had I not gotten that opportunity, I don’t think today I’d have the same perspective. I know it’s probably hard to see that as anything but a lost opportunity, but I’m grateful that, in a way, you gave me the chance to see things differently today”

I guess the Lord still had one more life to impact through Bro. Stacy’s testimony. Although I thought I had missed out, God was still on the throne.

I want to encourage you today to listen to the prompts of the Lord to do things, to speak up, to reach out, to intercede, to pray, to go, but above all to trust that His faithfulness goes way beyond than what we are able to “make happen”.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28, NIV).