December 28, 2021 Mishawn Gudipati

Ordinary Treasures

Ordinary Treasures

"But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." Luke 2:19

This Christmas season I have been reflecting on the ordinary moments found throughout the Christmas Story. This reflection has caused me to savor the everyday moments I so often take for granted and have realized truly what a gift they are in the day to day. As I reflect on the Christmas story, it seems the ordinary details seem to be what makes it extraordinary.

Ending 2021 for our family has felt anything but ordinary. As most of you know we have had a few unexpected challenges. At the beginning of November I injured my foot in a fantastic display of public embarrassment and have been crutching around ever since. Doctor's have remained perplexed as to the symptoms I am experiencing and are uncertain what type of care to offer. Everyday things have taken more effort and navigating parenting of four terrific, small humans has become a creative daily effort.

On Christmas Eve, we were unexpectedly hit from behind by a speeding car at a four way stop. The back end of our minivan was crushed in and in the few moments after, I remember frantically assessing the situation to make sure our kids in the back were without injury. The driver came a few moments later and was hysterical. The whole situation was unexpected and messy. After we left the site of the accident with kids that were miraculously unharmed, not even a shard of glass was found around them, I found myself savoring the ordinary moments that followed, eating around the dinner table, simple conversations even managing sibling conflict!

God is in the ordinary. He is able to move in big displays of power, but often He chooses to show up in the everyday, unseen, often unnoticed, moments. It's profound. The God of the universe, majestic in all His glory, came in the most ordinary, way. Sure there were a few extraordinary moments peppered throughout the story, but at the end of the day there was a young mother, with her carpenter husband caring for a newborn in a barn, trusting God.

Life is a gift and so often we can miss God in the ordinary. It's easy to lose sight of gratitude when stress is high, tasks are many, waiting feels long or conflict is present. But gratitude is the thing that turns our brain back on in the midst of not being present to the ordinary spaces where God is waiting to meet us. God peppers the ordinary with his extraordinary presence and plans. Just like Mary in the midst, treasured up all those things and pondered them in her heart, where are the spaces where God is inviting us to do the same as we end this year and enter into 2022?

If you need some inspiration check out some testimonies of fellow church family who shared how they encountered God in 2021. You can access the link on our Faithlife page HERE. He is worthy to be treasured!

Seeking to treasure and ponder in the midst with you,