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Teaching through 1 Corinthians has certainly given us a lot of challenging messages as we've had to teach our way through what were points of conflict and controversy in the early church. One of the things I have found very interesting is how much those same topics are still so relevant to the expressions of church today. Even as we have gone through many changes to the expression of the church over the last 1,970 years, it seems that the human experience remains the same so that the church still has to keep coming back to the main thing in the midst of the tension between contextualization and syncretism: Is Christ really at the center of our passions, priorities, and practices? If not, how we will conform to Christ rather than seeking to conform Christ to us?

As we discussed the Lord's Supper in last week's message, Unholy Communion, we did a bit of digging into the background of the text that is often used when we celebrate the Lord's Supper. We got to dig into why Paul was writing what he did and what the context was for Jesus' words of institution were as well as some words that are often misunderstood that end up keeping people away from this celebration. Hopefully it helped to give even more significance to the Lord's Supper as we remember the work of Jesus and proclaim His Good News through our celebration of that family tradition and through our relationships and common-union as the Body of Christ and the Family of God.

Some of you may want to do further learning on this topic. Here are some helpful academic resources in video and audio format that can help you go a bit deeper.


The Lord’s Supper and 1 Corinthians 8-11, Part 1 | The Naked Bible Podcast (Dr. Michael Heiser)

The Lord’s Supper and 1 Corinthians 8-11, Part 2 | The Naked Bible Podcast (Dr. Michael Heiser)


Lord’s Supper: Corinthian Abuse of the Ritual (1 Cor 11:17–22) (Dr. Craig Bloomberg). Watch the 3 consecutive clips (about 20 mins total)

Meals in Corinth, Celebrating & Implementing Jesus' Hospitality (Dr. Joshua Jipp). Watch the 3 consecutive clips (about 13 mins total).

You can always use the Free "Faithlife Study Bible" and a few other free resources within the Logos or Faithlife Apps to look into any key texts (most of your other Bible Study titles in the app will have to be purchased after May 31st, but these free ones are often enough background to catch something you may have questions on, especially the FSB). Last week I also recommended "Conflict and Community in Corinth: A Socio-Rhetorical Commentary on 1 and 2 Corinthians" by Dr. Ben Witherington, III for anyone who wants to dig deeper into Corinthians specifically.


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Resources & References for Hair & Head Coverings in 1 Corinthians 11

Last Sunday was quite the message with lots of information that may have seemed quite crazy but hopefully helped to make an often confusing passage understandable. My experience has been that most exegesis of the text managed to explain about 80% well, but then the other 20% contradicted the previous points or simply felt unaddressed.

I'll start with the most scandalous hypothesis, the possibility of the final word for covering actually meaning testicle. HERE is one Dr. Troy Martin's papers on it. Dr. Michael Heiser talks about it and the connection between that and "the angels" in an episode on his podcast, which you can listen to HERE (you can also scroll down on that page for a deeper dive into "because of the angels").

In my research I also came across some videos that dig into the text well that I can share more easily than books I can't share links to:

Dr. Craig Keener: Epistles: Example of Head Coverings

Dr. Mark Chavalas: Women in 1 Corinthians 11: Head Coverings and Literal and Figurative Uses of Head

Finally, Dr. Craig Bloomberg in his video series teaching through 1 Corinthians: Introduction to Christian Worship: Headship (1 Cor 11:2–3) (the following videos are good too).

Taking these various perspectives into consideration and the different elements that each brings, plus some of the other resources that I can't link as easily, is what helped lead to the conclusion: Hair was viewed as a sexual part of the body and that the problem being addressed in the passage was the confusion and conflict over what it would mean for people of difference classes with different customs to come together and worship in appropriate ways that would honor God and honor those around them, whether they were male or female.


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Culturally Captive Customs?

As we’ve been going through the first letter to the church at Corinth we’ve seen many different ways in which they were acting just like the world, or in some cases even worse! We’ve been invited (and challenged) to a new way of life that is not conformed to the patterns of this world but is transformed and bringing transformation to the world around us. Much like light transforms darkness. As God’s light shines in our minds and our hearts it removes darkness and brings life to hidden places. The key is to invite God’s light into our lives, our cultures, and our customs, rather than assuming that everything that we’re doing, or not doing, is what God wants for us.

In the message this last Sunday we were challenged by 1 Corinthians 6:1-11 to live differently than the world around us by aligning ourselves with God’s desires, definitions, designs, and decrees rather than conforming to what the world believes, says, and does. The powerful truth in 6:11 is that “that is what you WERE.” In Christ, we can be transformed!

But, there still is a real battle happening between light and darkness. There is a kingdom of darkness that is seeking to bring death and destruction to this world. The good news is that darkness doesn’t overcome light; it’s the other way around! The enemy comes to kill, steal, and destroy and he uses doubt, deception, distraction, and discouragement to accomplish this. He brings temptations, attacks, and accusations against God’s people. This is a real battle and anyone can be influenced by a lie and any culture can be influenced by lies. The word used in the New Testament for this influence and control of the enemy is daimonizomai which would be best translated as “demonized.” There has been some confusion around that because of some translations that have used the words “possessed” or “oppressed” to translate the same phrase, which has led people to feel the need to parse those out into what can happen to which kind of person, but the truth is that there were believers or followers of Jesus, who were demonized, like the “daughter of Abraham” who was bound by the enemy (Luke 13), Judas (Luke 22:3), and Ananias and Sapphira (Acts 5:1-11). They had come into agreement with the enemy and aligned themselves with his desires, designs, and definitions. Yet as believers, we CAN walk in freedom in every part of our lives: We are called to confront lies with truth. Jesus said that “you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free” (HE is the truth!)

+ I want to encourage you to check out our video Course, “The Way of Freedom” for more on this topic or if you want to find freedom for areas in your life that feel stuck or bound.

Ephesians 6:1-18 tells us to be dressed for a spiritual battle. A Helmet of Salvation to guard our thoughts, a Breastplate of Righteousness (Right-ness) to guard our feelings, Sandals of Peace to guard our steps, a Belt of Truth to hold it all together, a Shield of Faith to protect from lies (back to the previous point on how the enemy operates)…and finally the Sword of the Spirit, the only offensive weapon, to stab back at the enemy when he attacks. The church is called to be a force and not a fortress. We’re called to take the battle all the way to the gates of Hades!

+ Check out this series for more on the armor of God: “Faithful Fight”

So, because “God is light and in Him is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5), we should hide from all things that are dark, right? Wrong. Because He is light we are called to SHINE light into areas of darkness. We’re not called to EMBRACE deeds of darkness because they are part of our story or the culture around us. At the same time, we are not called to ESCAPE from those things by hiding in our basements. We are called to make sure that WE are walking in the light and that we have not entered into agreement or alignment with ways of darkness and then we are called to ENGAGE the world around us with GOD’S light! Ephesians 5:8-10 puts it this way: “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness, and truth) and find out what pleases the Lord.” It goes on to tell us to not be partners with darkness (Ephesians 5:11) because God has called us out of darkness into His wonderful light so that we may PROCLAIM Him (1 Peter 2:9) and shine His light with acts of love seen by everyone (Matthew 5:14-16).

As we approach a cultural celebration and custom like Halloween, it’s easy to just EMBRACE it because of thinking that it’s mostly innocent fun; just assuming that we can celebrate it like everyone else. It’s also easy to try to ESCAPE it because you rightly realize that there are forces of darkness operating in the world that want to bring death and destruction to the world, and here’s a night that tends to glorify that so you hide. Instead, we’re called to be people of discernment and light who ENGAGE people with light in a time that can celebrate death and darkness. This is one of the only times in the year when people in our neighborhoods come to us! It’s time to engage them with life, joy, and light!

A great question to consider is: How is God calling me to share the light, love, and truth of Jesus? …And then do something to engage the world with light.

Here are 4 simple ideas to ENGAGE with light:

1. Pray:  “The prayer of the righteous is powerful and effective,” so lift up your friends and neighbors in prayer. We are limited, but God's Spirit is not. Consider taking a prayer walk around your neighborhood, praying over your candy, and asking God to open up doors for connection and opportunity in your community. Be intentional as you meet neighbors and have conversations to ask if you could pray with them if topics of illness, struggles, or disappointment come up. Be a light on this dark night.

+ Prayer walks in your neighborhood are simple and powerful ways of bringing light into the spiritual realm regularly. I do this all of the time!

2. Reverse Trick-Or-Treat: Bring the treats with you door to door! Rather than just taking their treats, give them some treats as well. Introduce yourself and say a warm hello.

3. Have a Seat: Place some chairs in your yard. Wave, cheer for the parades of people going by, and chat with passersby as you hand out candy. Go the extra mile and set up a bonfire or warm beverages or easy snacks for neighbors to grab on the way.

4. Be Life-Giving: If you encounter teenagers, don't judge them, but speak life to them. Rather than saying, "Aren't you a little too old for this." Compliment their costumes and be inviting. Remember that it's “God’s kindness that leads people to repentance” and we can reflect that kindness in our words and interactions with others on Halloween (and every other time of the year too!)

Here are some MORE ideas for creative ways to shine a light this Halloween!

On Sunday we will also have some fun and “sweet” stickers that you can put on candies to share life and joy that way too!


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God’s Gift of Wisdom

In our study of 1 Corinthians, this past Sunday we looked at 1 Cortinthians 2:6-16 and saw how the Corinthian church needed to be reminded that God’s wisdom far surpasses the best of man’s wisdom. In their commentaries, Dr. Lightfoot & Adam Clake point out the four different types of wisdom as noted by Paul:

  • Philosophical or Greek wisdom (1 Cor 1:22) – Wisdom in that time which focused on debate and eloquence to arrive at truth.
  • Religious or Jewish wisdom (1 Cor 2:8) – The religious leaders, scribes, and Pharisees as they oversaw how the law was interpreted.
  • Natural or Worldly wisdom (1 Cor 2:6) – Wisdom that is only focused on this

present or natural world (and not the world to come).  

  • Spiritual or Godly wisdom (1 Cor 2:7) – The wisdom of God is revealed through the gospel, through His word, and through His Spirit.


If we are spiritually minded, we can receive wisdom from God. If we are focused only on the natural things and see nothing of eternity, we will not desire or seek God’s wisdom. God’s ways are not like our ways and His thoughts are not like ours. His wisdom far surpasses ours just as the atmosphere is so much higher than the earth; so God’s ways are greater! (Is. 55:8-9)

Paul gives us this encouragement: even though His wisdom is so much greater than ours - God’s wisdom IS available to us through Jesus. Just as only the Spirit of man knows his thoughts, so God’s Spirit knows God’s thoughts. The moment we believe and trust in Jesus as our savior, we have received God’s Spirit (Eph 1:13). God desires to help you and I understand and grasp what he has freely given us through His Spirit (1 Cor 2:12). When God’s Spirit lives within us, we have access to Him not one time a year but every minute and hour of the day!

The wisdom we have is not something we boast about because we did not earn it through merit, hard work, or our worthiness. This IS a FREE gift. When Paul says that this wisdom is of the “mature” or “perfect” ones (1 Cor 2:6) at first glance we could believe that he was saying we must be perfect before we can understand God’s wisdom. Bible scholars note the word used is the Greek word “teleios” which means to be an initiate or complete one. Correctly understood, Paul is saying that wisdom of God is given to those who are initiated in the faith. Those who are made complete in Christ. Not those who have arrived so to speak, but those who have believed. The moment you believe in Jesus it is by God’s Spirit whom he makes to dwell in you; you are an initiate and a part of the body of believers. His wisdom is for you.

When culture might encourage us to trust in what we can see, do what feels right, or conform to the norm, let us lean in to God’s Spirit and ask our generous God for wisdom (Prov 3:5,6).

If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking. James 1:5

As you meditate on God’s Gift of Wisdom, what stands out to you?


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Reality Check

Here's an excerpt from an Update that Chase Johnson just sent from Ghana. His intro really reminds us of the call in Hebrews 12 to fix our eyes on Jesus so that we can run the race marked out for us:

"The main thing I have been learning this month regarding my walk with Jesus is what true reality looks like. So often we are inhibited by feelings and emotions and we are lost in a place where we look at physical things instead of focusing our attention on Christ. One story that goes well with this concept is Peter walking on the Sea of Galilee towards Jesus. In the story, Peter begins to sink when he starts to see how powerful the storm is instead of fixing his eyes on the Lord. For me as well as for most believers, there are seasons and times when our faith is tested by storms that feel so real. It's in these moments that we must refocus our minds and

our hearts on the truest reality, which is our life in Christ."

There are a lot of things out there that can seem real and may look like "truth" but that are more like virtual reality. They look similar to what is real but they're not real...and they actually make it impossible for us to interact with what is real. If we were running a race with a VR Headset on it would hinder us and injure us. Hebrews 12:1-2 says that we should throw those things off and " with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith..."

I don't know what situations, ideas, philosophies, fears, doubts, or other emotions may be getting in the way for you, but I know that the way to see clearly is to fix your eyes on Jesus. If you're struggling with disorientation, discouragement, or doubt, I want to invite you to take some time to "consider" Jesus, as Hebrews 12:1-3 says: Fix your eyes on Him. Think about Him, learn more about Him...keep coming back to Jesus. Check out this page that we put together About Jesus:

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Test and Identity

As we’ve been exploring the final chapters in the book of Hebrews we’ve been talking about the great men and women of faith and the impact they had in the kingdom of God. At the same time we’ve learned that none of them were examples of human perfection. They all had low moments in their journey with God. 

Nevertheless, in the testing of their faith they determined that there was nothing better than trusting in God in spite of their circumstances. Many of their tests of faith came in the form of struggles, persecution, social pressure, fear, poverty, and pain, and for others it came in the form of glory, riches, status, fame, authority and temptation. 

Whichever form of test they faced, their trust was rooted in what God had said and not in their earthly condition. 

I want to share with you a song I’ve been listening to on repeat for the last 2 weeks as a reminder of our identity in Christ in spite of the circumstances around us and I hope it blesses you as well. 


I am a temple of Your Spirit 

A born again believer, by the grace of Jesus 

And I am an ambassador of Heaven 

A lover of Your presence, prophesying freedom 

And it's all for Your glory

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Making Room

Have you ever thought “I need to seek God more… but I just can’t find the time”?

If you’ve ever struggled to find the time to go to bed earlier, to pray, or to do things that you really want to do but can’t seem to squeeze them in … you are in good company with the rest of us! It seems ironic that even though we have plenty of technology, time-saving appliances, and more home services than ever before in history… we still can’t find the time to do the things that are most important to us!

I don’t think my problem or yours is based in lack. I think it may be in having too much.

Too much to do. Too much to have. Not enough room.


In February this year I had the opportunity to visit the Magnolia Silos in Waco, Texas. It was a refreshing trip I was blessed to go on. While I was there I got to try the most delicious cupcakes I have ever had. They were so tasty I wanted to eat more and more. After two cupcakes though I realized… I couldn’t eat anything more! I was so full! The thought of eating another almost made me sick… even though they were delicious. The problem wasn’t with the cupcake. I was just too full.


“She wrapped Him in swaddling cloths, and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room for them in the inn” Luke 2:7.

When Jesus was born, there wasn’t room. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to host Him or his parents. They didn’t willfully reject him. They were just too busy to notice. They simply had no room. Is it possible for us to be like the Inn keepers? So busy and content with things that we can’t seem to find room for the most important?

There was no place for Jesus.

Perhaps we don’t more. We need less. We need to feel hungry again. We need to have room.


A definition of minimalism says that Minimalism is the “intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from them” (Becker, The More of Less).

If minimalism with our belongings means that we intentionally promote those things we most value and remove anything that is a distraction, how do we do that in our lives? It may not be that we need to do more for God or add more to do’s to our schedule. Maybe, it’s something else that needs to be demoted. As I think about this, the question comes to my mind:

What do I need to take out of my life that doesn’t really matter?

Maybe fasting from social media, pinterest, or television… what is one thing that takes your time and doesn’t really matter? Another question to think on:

How can I intentionally promote those things that I most value?

If I want to promote those things that really matter, they can’t compete with those that truly don’t.

There were so many beautiful things to look at in all the shops at Magnolia Silos. But there was one place where everyone who entered stopped looking for what they were going to buy. Instead of walking around, they would look for a bench, sit down, and sit in silence. I did the same. It was the Chapel.

As we sat there, we all looked up. There was nothing to be said and nothing to be bought. There was silence. Peace. Connection with God. It was empty on purpose.

It is not about adding more and it is not what You DO FOR God that matters. It is who you ARE IN Him that does.

“The main measure of your devotion to God is not your devotional life. It is simply your life” (Ortberg, The Me I Want to Be). God wants to fill you and satisfy you. Because He made us and fashioned us for Himself… no matter what we may have in this life… He alone will satisfy our souls.

“You’re blessed when you’ve worked up a good appetite for God. He’s food and drink in the best meal you’ll ever eat” (Matt. 5:6, MSG).

Of all the ways you enjoy seeking God every day, can I add a couple more ways?

  • Press the “Pause Button”: When you are feeling disconnected from God or worried about something, pause and invite His presence to fill you.
  • Find an activity you enjoy doing, and invite God along with you to do it together.
  • Go on a walk with God, tell Him what is on your mind.

God, we pray that you would help us make room for you in our lives and hunger for you in our souls. Give us this day our daily bread… the bread of your presence.

“You have made us for yourself, and our hearts are restless, until they can find rest in you” (Saint Augustine).



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In memory of Bro. Stacy and a reminder of God’s faithfulness.

I heard of Brother Stacy Cline while in Mexico, 3 years before I even met him. My sister shared with me some nuggets of wisdom taken right out of her Marriage and the Family Class at Elim Bible Institute; a class Bro. Stacy taught for 47 years. I firmly believe the advice she shared with me back then, changed the course of my life and eventually that led me to meet my wife Bet.

In 2010 I finally found myself walking into his class and meeting him for the first time. He saw me and to my surprise he greeted me by name, “Jonas, it is good to see you. We’ve been praying for your arrival. Welcome to class!” Later I learned he would get a list with photos of all his students and would make it a point to learn their names and pray for them before meeting them.

In April of 2021, our family was getting ready to move from NY to MN. In the midst of all the business of moving, the Lord put two of my Elim professors on my heart. I clearly felt I was to reach out to them and setup a time to film an interview with them. I had no plan, just a sense of urgency about their spiritual legacy.

I managed to interview one of them and we ended up having a meaningful 4 hour conversation and a wonderful time eating supper together with Bet and the kids, but when I reached out to Bro. Stacy, the schedules just didn’t lined up. I remember our phone conversation during my last days in NY and hearing him say “hey, next time you are in the area we’ll do that”.

Stacy Cline entered into glory on Friday, March 4th, 2022 reuniting with his beloved Queen, as he would refer to his wife, Connie.

During the Memorial service last weekend I was saddened and internally kicking myself for not “making it happen” while fully aware there was nothing else I could’ve done then. After hearing the testimonies of the impact he had in so many people I finally released it and let out a “well, the Lord knows”.

A few days after the service I received a text in a group chat I’m a part of with some video creatives from NY. It was from Mike, one of the videographers sharing an encouraging message with us:

“For the first time in a long time I’m remembering just how powerful of a thing it is that we do (filming) Been working on a project for Elim Bible Institute. We filmed a bunch of interviews but one in particular of a staff member with Stage 4 cancer that had worked for the college 47 years. It ended up being his last interview ever…The man lived through a lot! So grateful for having met him”.

I could not believe it! God is so faithful! As I shared with Mike what I had been feeling he said:

“I think that not all lost opportunities are completely lost. I ended up getting a great interview with him and had I not gotten that opportunity, I don’t think today I’d have the same perspective. I know it’s probably hard to see that as anything but a lost opportunity, but I’m grateful that, in a way, you gave me the chance to see things differently today”

I guess the Lord still had one more life to impact through Bro. Stacy’s testimony. Although I thought I had missed out, God was still on the throne.

I want to encourage you today to listen to the prompts of the Lord to do things, to speak up, to reach out, to intercede, to pray, to go, but above all to trust that His faithfulness goes way beyond than what we are able to “make happen”.

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28, NIV).

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Laying a Solid Foundation

Check out these thoughts from Tom Flaherty, a pastor at one of our sister churches in Madison, WI, as we begin the season of Lent today. This has some timely thoughts for the season and is very connected to what we've been going through in Hebrews:

“Let us press on to maturity, not laying again a foundation

of repentance from dead works…” Hebrews 6:1

On August 1, 2007, a bridge in Minneapolis that crossed the Mississippi river collapsed killing 13 and injuring 145. The irony was that work was being done on the bridge at the time of the collapse, but it was the wrong work. One article summed up the types of things that were being done: “The construction taking place in the weeks prior to the collapse included replacing lighting, and guard rails. At the time of the collapse, four of the eight lanes were closed for resurfacing.” Because the foundational work was left undone, all the other work proved to be in vain. This is how it is in a Christianity that lacks repentance. It doesn’t matter how much we do, if we haven’t really repented and aren’t living a life of repentance, all our works are dead in God’s sight.

Hebrews 3:7-8; 3:15 and 4:7 all say the same thing: “Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts.”

Repentance is not possible until God speaks to us. He can speak through His word as we read it, or through a preacher at church, or by a dream or vision in the night, or through an honest friend, or in difficult circumstances. God has lots of ways to speak to us when He wants to get our attention.

When God speaks we need to agree with Him. David said, “Against You, You only, I have sinned and done what is evil in Your sight, so that You are justified when You speak” (Psalm 51:4). When we agree with what God says we justify Him; when we defend ourselves by making excuses for what we did, we justify ourselves. Hardening your heart toward God can actually mean softening your heart toward you by giving yourself unwarranted and unsanctified mercy for evil you have said, thought, or done. “It wasn’t that bad,” “he had it coming,” “I only spoke the truth,” “I was tired,” “Yeah, but she did that wrong thing first,” are just a few excuses that quickly come into our hearts when we seek to justify ourselves.

Let’s not live resurfacing the bridge when what it needs is foundation work. Rather, let’s each take time to seek our hearts and fully repent. Isaiah 30:15 gives the blessing that will result, “In repentance and rest you will be saved, in quietness and trust is your strength.”

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Out Of My Comfort Zone

"I think I'm in the wrong place," I said as I smiled at the African-American woman sitting behind the counter at the new store in our neighborhood that sells hair products and braids primarily used by black women. She looked a bit confused and then I pointed to my bald head and she laughed and said "we have wigs too!" I was the big, white, bald guy in the store for black women's hair because I was out on the Saturday before Valentine's Day with a group from our church who was looking for people to share the love of Jesus with. I told her what I was up to and Abby and I gave her a rose, told her how much God loved her, and asked if there was any way that we could pray for her or her business. She told us of the different needs in her business which opened the door for one of the customers in the store to come over and be prayed for as well. I shared with them the things and scriptures that I had sensed God put on my heart when we were praying as a group before heading out earlier. One of the ladies had been going through that very thing that morning and it was a great encouragement to her that God would have us there just as she happened to be in this otherwise empty store that Saturday afternoon.

You would probably think that I'm an extrovert and that talking to strangers is easy for me, but you'd be wrong. Talking to strangers is out of my comfort zone. I would much prefer to only be around people I know and do things that I'm comfortable doing, but it's Christ's love that compels me to be uncomfortable and even choose to make a fool of myself by cracking silly jokes to break the ice. I kept walking into barbershops and hair salons for the next hour asking for a haircut and then pulling back my hoodie...their faces were amusing and sometimes they laughed, but it broke the ice and started conversations and opportunities to let them know that God loves them, wants them to know Him personally, and has great and precious promises and purposes for their lives. It looked different in each situation, but those from our church who chose to step out of their comfort zone to share the love of Jesus with others got to share roses, love, laughs, and prayer with over 24 people in just a couple of hours.

Later on that night I found myself in another situation where I could have done what was most comfortable but instead chose to get out of my comfort zone and grow. I was tasked with taking one of our kids to a valentine's day/house warming party and it was just me, some parents I didn't know, and a bunch of teen girls. I could have done what other parents did and gone to enjoy some peace and quiet at a coffee shop until it was over, but I chose to stay and talk to the other parents I didn't know. I was tired, we had already had a long day with the annual meeting, the outreach, and I hadn't slept well the night before either...but I knew that the invitation to grow is for all of us and that God was up to something at this party and I just needed to find out what it was and be part of it. I got to encourage several people in conversation and eventually met someone who had just experienced a loss in their life and was searching for God. We got to pray together, exchange info, and were able to reconnect the next day for the SuperBowl party at our house.

I don't share that to convince you that I'm an awesome extroverted evangelist, but to say that God can do great things, divine appointments, when we choose to listen to Him, look for what He's doing and join Him in that work of loving those around us. Like me, it can happen when we're tired and most longing for our comfort zones. Hopefully, my testimony from Saturday illustrates that invitation, to quote Casting Crowns, "to step out of my comfort zone into the realm of the unkown where Jesus is."

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