Student Ministries

Radiate = verb, meaning:

  1. To emit energy (esp. light or heat) in the form of rays or waves.
  2. To naturally be giving off and spreading around the Love of Jesus Christ by loving God and loving others!

We exist

to RADIATE Life and Joy by being a place for students to Belong to God’s Family, Believe in God and Become who God has called them to be through times of connecting, fun, dialoguing, learning, worship, and serving. That is why we call our Student Ministry “Radiate!” It is open for students in grades 6-12.

Our youth group meets for a time to connect with God and connect with others in small group discipleship relationships and monthly gatherings with the whole group. These are times when students will be able to get into the Word of God and explore what it says as they learn how to allow God’s life and joy to affect every area of their lives!

Want To Serve In Our Student Ministries?