Our Values

Our Foundational Principles and Values are the foundation upon which we build:

          1. We will stand for truth: Our statement of faith is a living expression of the doctrinal foundations upon which we stand.


          1. We will establish our unity in our Christ-centered vision: We experience unity in the midst of diversity as we are fitted together in Christ. We are vision led rather than issue, opinion, need, or comfort level-driven.


          1. We will depend on God in Prayer: Our life and vitality as a congregation is dependent upon prayer. Prayer is not peripheral to our programs, it is the atmosphere in which our programs will be fruitful.


          1. We will value healthy congregational life: We will seek wholeness for individuals and the whole congregation. We believe that wholeness is developed in the context of relationships and we will care for one another in spiritual and practical ways.


          1. We will make disciples: True discipleship is both knowledge based and relationship oriented.


          1. We will value every member as a minister: We are all called to do our part that the whole work will be done.


          1. We will equip and empower: Our leadership has the responsibility and authority to lead the body and equip it for the work of ministry. Spirit empowered and directed, congregationally responsive and recognized leadership is a gift from God to the body for the building up of the body.


        1. We will be a force, not a fortress: We will be proactive and not reactive in the world. We will actively seek to expand the kingdom of God from our neighborhood to the nations.