Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy of Ministry is HOW we live out our values, identity and calling.


  • We will make disciples by creating opportunities for people to begin with God and to grow as disciples to become mature followers of Jesus who go on to make disciples.
  • We will equip and empower: Our leadership has the responsibility and authority to lead the body and equip it for the work of ministry. Spirit-empowered and directed, congregationally responsive and recognized leadership is a gift from God to the body for the building up of the body.


  • We experience unity in the midst of diversity as we are fitted together in Christ.
  • We value healthy congregational life: We seek wholeness for individuals and the whole congregation. We believe that wholeness is developed in the context of relationships and we will care for one another in spiritual and practical ways.


  • Our unity is established in our Christ-centered vision.
  • We will depend on God in Prayer because our life and vitality as a congregation is dependent upon prayer.


  • We are a force, not a fortress, therefore we will be proactive and not reactive in the world.
  • We will actively seek to expand the kingdom of God from our neighborhood to the nations.


When we take those core parts of who we are and bring them together our values, identity and calling are expressed in how we live out our lives together. In fact, we want to live integrated lives where we are actively seeking to live out our identity and calling in everyday life:


  • Intentional + Relational = Incarnational
  • Relational + Spiritual = Transformational
  • Spiritual + Missional = Supernatural
  • Missional + Intentional = Faithful




  • We believe that every member is a minister. Therefore, each one is called to be part of the Body of Christ and to fully function as representatives of Christ wherever they are. This is about Participation not Perfection.


  • We believe that God’s truth and grace bring freedom and transformation. Jesus came to heal the sick and set the captives free. He took a holisitic approach to discipleship and ministry that brought about a new life to His followers and renewed their hearts and minds in their new identity as children of God.


  • Jesus promised that His followers would be filled with His Spirit and do signs and wonders as they fulfilled the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). We are to called to live “naturally supernatural” lives expecting God to work through us with His signs, wonders, and miracles as we live out God’s purposes together.


  • Being intentional and missional means that we must remain grounded in truth and grace. We experience and express grace and truth. In order to do that we must remain faithful in the truth. Our statement of faith is a living expression of the doctrinal foundations upon which we stand. In response to the experience of God’s truth and grace we choose to faithfully serve others like Jesus did (Philippians 2) to express God’s truth and grace.